23 hours in the air

I slept 9 of the 11 hours of flight time between Cape Town and London. That's my kind of international flight! :) During my layover, I sat down at Nero Cafe and had a juice, chocolate pastry, and yogurt. The cost was the same as a full meal with appetizer and drinks in South Africa.

And now, I'm just about to begin the 12 hour flight back to San Francisco. I hope to be able to sleep through that as well. British Airways economy class gives you roughly 2 inches of room between seats, so I won't be able to do any computer work on the flight.

Uh oh. A really large woman just sat next to me. I can feel her butt and thighs touching me, and the arm rest between us is being pushed up to rest on top of them. I'm not saying that she isn't a wonderful woman. I'm just saying that she's overflowing into my seat. Shit!! :( :( :(

Ok. She turned out to be nice. Now I feel guilty.