network accelerator

I'm currently connected to the innernets using a Blackberry as a modem, and have taken advantage of the layover I was bitching about in the last entry to search for a good network accelerator. After a lot of (unaccelerated) reading, I settled on trying, and I am happy to report that it rocks. I am now using it as a proxy for all web and e-mail traffic, and am reporting an average compression ratio of 48% (jpg quality 70 and .gif quality "medium"). Image compression is easy to turn on and off, so I can grab original images when I want to. The only downside is that it's a pain to change POP, SMTP, and IMAP settings for multiple accounts in my e-mail client. I wish I could save account settings and toggle between them. If you're on dial-up or frequently connect using GPRS or EDGE, you should give a try.