Canon 1D cameras are weather proof!

I just thought of a funny anecdote about the fantastic weather-proofing of Canon 1-series cameras. When I was out photographing great white sharks a couple of weeks ago in South Africa, we had a day of rain out on the boat. I stood out in the rain for hours, chatting with Chris and Monique Fallows, who were sitting on the engines at the boat's stern. A few of the other clients were huddled together in the tiny area of the boat protected from rain, and someone finally commented, "uh... you guys know it's raining, right?" At that moment, I realized that I was using my Canon 1D Mk II and attached 70-200/2.8L IS lens (weather-proof as well) to prevent the sandwich I was eating from getting wet. It must have looked really funny. People think I'm crazy when I use my gear in the rain or on boats in rough weather, but I've never had a problem. The gear is designed to be used like that!