Why does Quicktime suck so much?

Quicktime Screenshot
104% complete is an impressive feat indeed
Someone I know once accused me of being overly negative about computers, but I can't help it because I know these companies can do better.

My hatred for Quicktime and iTunes increases. Quicktime is sluggish even on my modern Windows box with its lightning-fast video card, while Zoomplayer (my player of choice) and Windows Media Player both respond quickly. iTunes responsiveness is *horrible* when playing video, and Quicktime is only marginally better [rant rant rant]. ZP and WMP both play video smoothly even when I am using the machine heavily. Quicktime and iTunes both stutter, and can't even be resized smoothly when video is playing.

Using Quicktime, I'm now trying to export a time-lapse movie out of a series of 9842 still images that have all been resized down to something manageable (640x480 pixel jpgs). The job has been running for about 10 hours, and now says that it's 108% complete! I always knew Apple went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to software. Do I kill the process, or let it count up even higher?

UDATE: After 24 hours and a display of 144% complete, I killed the job. Doing so deleted the temp files that were made, but I had copied them before-hand, just in case. It looks like one of them is the video Quicktime was trying to make. Anyone have suggestions for another utility I can use to build a movie out of 10,000 still images? :(

UPDATE: I used Quicktime Pro to export a H.264 .mp4 file at 1080HD resolution. Zoomplayer Pro can play it scaled up to 2560 x 1600 @ 30fps without even a hickup, while Quicktime Pro struggles even when playing it in a window.

UPDATE: Hey, so how does one associate a .m4v file with Quicktime? It will play the file, but you can't make it the default player for that file type.