Nostalgic Stanford visit

Char and Peter at Roble Before leaving for South Africa a couple of months ago, I drove down to Stanford to hang out with my cousin, Charlotte. She was an RCC in Roble last year, and I spent much of the evening in her room playing XBOX 360, which was fun. It was really strange to be in a dorm room, though. I'm glad that I can still masquerade as a student. It would have been awkward if I looked like some dirty old man hanging out in the dorms.

Char still has the Marin bike that I used while I was in school there, and considering the amount of bike theft on campus, it's amazing that the thing has lasted so long!

The next day, I was at Stanford again, this time with Lynn. I can't remember why I went there again, but we spent some time roaming around around the Art Museum and Rodin Sculpture Garden.