Slow Club and Asian confusion

Joe Chang (back from New York!) and me at Slow Club During my 3.5 days between South Africa and Tonga, I saw quite a few of my friends including Joe and Rachel Chang, who have recently relocated back to San Francisco after years in Manhattan. Joe, Rachel, Cindy Mong, Dave Patchen, and I had a nice brunch at Slow Club in Portrero Hill. I'm bummed because Dave was part of a show at Gump's (who regularly stock his wonderful glass work), and I missed it while in Tonga. I never get to go to my friends' shows/concerts these days. Lame.

That evening (July 16), I went out for dinner at La Taza de Cafe with my only friends in Oakland, Greg and Annabelle Tsutaoka (my neighbors). It was here that we hatched the plan to provide an official disambiguation page for our respective visages to prevent further confusion in our building. I hope it works!