The Mac Pro: oh, how Apple tempts me

Mac Pro

Apple announced the new Mac Pro at WWDC today, and it looks sexy.* Despite all my bitching about Macs, I actually really want to go back to one. I was a diehard Mac person for five years, and even worked at Apple for a summer back in 1997 (a.k.a. The All-Time Low). There is always something that holds me back, though. Right now, it's very simple: 1) No Photoshop Universal. LAME. 2) No dial-up via Blackberry and poor Blackberry support in general. 3) Nothing even close to Nelson Email Organizer Pro for e-mail.

#1 is a must for what I do now. People who argue that it's fast enough aren't as impatient as I am.

#2 is only necessary on a notebook.

#3 I might be able to live without, but NEO Pro saves me so much time in my daily correspondence duties that I can't imagine doing e-mail without it.

And so, I continue to wait.

* Now you see why I am still single...