Gabe Trop, Heidi Kim, Dave Patchen, Bill Rivard

Gabe Trop and his multi-colored eyes It's been a week full of seeing people I don't get to see very often. A few days ago, Gabe Trop, Heidi Kim and I met up for brunch in San Francisco. Gabe and I became friends through a strong bond as fellow Stanford cellists, and whenever his name comes up, I think of what he wrote on the inside cover of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, a birthday gift he gave to me one year:

> To Eric > Celloes Rule *[sic]* > From Gabe

Heidi has finished her transition from violinist to lawyer, and will soon be starting work in San Francisco.

Later on the week, Dave Patchen, Bill Rivard and I ate at Chika Sushi in the sunset. It may be my last time eating there, as they are shutting down the restaurant soon. I hear that they are having a hard time competing with Ebisu, but even during our Thursday-night dinner, Chika was packed full. I much prefer Chika's laid-back ambience. Geoff, Livia and I have been going to Chika for over five years now, and its family-run familiarity will be missed.

Dave continues to get his beautiful glass pieces into more and more prestigious galleries, and Bill continues to slave away for The Man (but as always, he has cool, independent projects he's working on).