Cars are cool

I've kept this quiet for awhile, but I might as well share with the users who have access here. :) In March, I got a new car. I'm still afraid of it, but I'm starting to learn how to drive it properly (without killing myself, I mean).

Me, with the new car

Lynn, with car, a long time ago.

The car work I had last week which stranded me in Fremont was a window tint, which made the car look reeeeeaally nice without making it look too gangsta'.

I spent a couple of hours today with Joe Chang, and it felt like the good ol' days. We took out the charcoal filters in my M5 before putting the dash of Joe's older M5 back together (he had disassembled it and part of his door in an attempt to find a couple of squeaks). Fun stuff. :)