Must-have Mac software

In typical fashion, I've layered yet more complexity onto my life by ordering a Mac Pro through my friend, Victor, at Apple (thank you, Victor!). As most of my friends know, I have been on the verge of getting a Mac for a few years now. For quite a few reasons, I was just never quite able to pull the trigger until now. I'm now starting the search for software. I'm not replacing my Thinkpad T60p (yet), so most of this stuff will be for home desktop use.

So far, I know that I'm probably going to have to get:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Rosetta! blech!!)
  • InDesign
  • Final Cut Studio
  • iWork, Keynote (after I get a notebook)
  • Dreamweaver
  • MS Office
  • CaptureOne (maybe)
  • iView (maybe)
  • Aperture
  • Photoshop Plugin: Neat Image
  • Photoshop Plugin: Photokit Sharpener

If Aperture works out, I won't need to get iView nor CaptureOne. But I am skeptical that its RAW conversion quality will be anywhere near what CaptureOne produces when used with custom camera profiles. I'll probably have to stick with C1 for conversions, but we'll see.

I also don't yet have a solution to replace Nelson Email Organizer Pro (NEO), which is the best mail client I've ever used.

I also need to replace the following apps that I use often on my PC:

  • Breezebrowser - ultimate RAW image browser, EXIF/IPTC copy utility, flexible HTML generator with custom fields
  • AppRocket - I know this thing was originally a Mac program. What was it called?
  • Beyond Compare 2 - awesome sync tool that lets you point at two directories and do all sorts of customized file synchronization
  • ZoomPlayer - the best video/media player for the PC
  • DVD Decrypter/DVD Shrink
  • FeedDemon - my preferred RSS reader, with web sync
  • TextPad - my favorite text editor.
  • WebDrive - mount volumes via ftp/sftp/webdav
  • SmartFTP - ftp client
  • Total Commander - My file browser/manipulator of choice
  • Trillian - IM client, works with all services
  • uTorrent/BitComet
  • DUMeter - network traffic meter

Any Mac experts out there have a list of must-have software or suggestions for replacements? Commercial, shareware, and freeware are all welcome. :)