I knew I had my Thinkpad for a reason

thinkpad water

In the spirit of owning things that are weather-resistant*, I was happy today to discover that in theory, my Thinkpad T60p is resistant to water being spilled on it (via Victor A.). I've always been paranoid about liquid anywhere near my computer, and knowing what those little holes on the bottom of my machine are for made me feel good. My good friend Jim Abernethy recently had a computer destroyed by a glass of water (by one of his clients, no less). If he had been using a Thinkpad, things might have been different!

Of course, Thinkpads might only be protected against water spillage. During my freshman year of college, my roomate spilled a glass of orange juice onto two of my keyboards simultaneously. He neglected to tell me, and I only found out because just about every key stuck in the down position as I started typing...

* I am #1 in Google rankings for the search, "canon sandwich rain." :)