iTunes 7 broke my iPod Nano

iTunes 7 must have been upset with me after I went on a rant about it not long ago. An hour ago, I plugged my little iPod Nano into my Mac Pro, and iTunes 7 rendered the poor thing completely inoperable. It took quite a bit of work to resuscitate it...

iPod Nano, originally uploaded by echeng.

This is roughly real-time, as I try to fix it:

My Mac doesn't recognize the thing at all -- it does absolutely nothing when I plug it in, even in forced disk mode. iTunes Windows detects a "corrupted" iPod and tries to restore it, failing each time. When I inspect the drive in Windows XP Disk Management, it shows up as "Unreadable", so manual re-formatting is impossible.

I rebooted my PC and ran iTunes 7 again. I ran a restore, but the iPod disappeared from iTunes and wouldn't come back. This time, the Nano showed up in Disk Management, and I was able to re-format it with a FAT32 file system.

iTunes 7 (both platforms) now states, "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. You must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes." After this, iTunes 7 for Windows refuses to recognize it, but iTunes 7 for Mac properly recognizes it as having a Windows file system.

iTunes Mac did a proper restore! I'm going to try to fill the Nano with music...

OK, it works now.

I can't believe I just had to go through that!

This instance of Nano death isn't an isolated incident. If you do web searches, you will find other instances of iTunes 7 killing Nanos.

So, Victor... *now* can I officially declare iTunes 7 to be a piece of crap? The fact that iTunes 7 breaks iPods is pretty bad!

--- UPDATE ---

Many Windows users have had luck re-mapping the iPod to a different drive letter. Read the comments for details...