Rob Kapilow does the Bach Double at Stanford

A few days ago, Rob Kapilow deconstructed the Bach Double at Dinkelspiel Auditorium on Stanford Campus. Geoff Nuttall and Scott St. John played the solos, and all sorts of people I knew (the rest of the SLSQ plus Livia, Debra, and a bunch of students) supported them from within a small chamber orchestra. If you've never been to a Rob Kapilow deconstruction, you should definitely try to get to one (preferably with the SLSQ performing). They're awesome.

Group photo at Oasis: Jessica Chuang, Livia Sohn, Geoff Nuttall,
Rob Kapilow, Lesley Robertson, Eric Cheng, Claire Liu, and Christina Ho

Afterwards, we hung out at Oasis, a bar close to Stanford campus. I don't think I had been there since the late 90s.

Geoff Nuttall, Rob Kapilow, and Lesley Robertson at Oasis

Christina Ho, Geoff Nuttall, and Rob Kapilow at Oasis