60-hour travel time

I'm trying to get home. Really, I am. I'm doing a bit of online catch-up during my overnight layover in Singapore, and have been staring at a bunch of truly bizarre photos for some time now; it took me awhile to realize that I had missed Halloween.

All of this travel time gives me a lot of time to think, especially given that I finished the last book I have with me just before boarding the first flight of the journey early this morning. I remember quite vividly the feeling of impending boredom as I closed the book; luckily, the anticipation has so far been worse than the book-less flights.

Anyway, this is boring stuff as well, but I thought I'd share the itinerary in which I am currently stuck:

02:15 hr:min - Transfer to Hoskins from Walindi Resort 01:15 hr:min - Hoskins to Port Moresby 21:00 hr:min - Layover in Port Moresby 06:30 hr:min - Port Moresby to Singapore 12:00 hr:min - Layover in Singapore 03:50 hr:min - Singapore to Hong Kong 02:00 hr:min - Layover in Hong Kong 11:55 hr:min - Hong Kong to San Francisco

Total: 60 hours, 45 minutes

Unfortunately, it's not quite a record. I think it took me longer to get to Sorong two years ago.

Had some beautiful skies on the flight from Papua New Guinea to Singapore. A great recording of Haydn's Op. 20 No. 5 String Quartet helped, too.

See some of you soon. I'll be home for 18 hours before leaving again.