"Do you still have your cello?"

playing with geoff nuttall, dec 2000

Geoff called me this morning and asked, "hey... do you still have your cello?" He wants me to read the Arensky two-cello quartet (Op. 35) with him, Chris, and Leslie tomorrow, and I am just short of being terrified because it's been so long since I've played music.

I spoke with Alissa yesterday about the effects of constant travel on friendships and home life. Both of us had just gotten home after extended travels, and despite the tremendous fortune of being able to travel so much, we are both going through similar feelings of uncertainty because of the effect it has on relationships here at home. An equally regrettable effect has been my inability to continue playing music. I still feel like a musician because so many of my friends are musicians, but I know that my connection to music as a player is slipping away slowly, and I'm not sure what I can do about it short of staying in town more and getting back into it actively.

Decisions, decisions. My pursuits have been evolving organically over the past four years, but at some point I will have to decide where my life is going.

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