Birthday celebrations in Palo Alto and Tokyo

birthday cake in tokyo
After spending two consecutive birthdays in Indonesia, I had grown accustomed to being out of town for the big day. But every year, Geoff and Livia have nonetheless ended up facilitating some sort of domestic birthday celebration, even if it ends up being days or even weeks early.

On December 11th (and with only a few hours of notice), Geoff, Livia, Elliot, Mandy, Warren (+1), Bill, Adam, Rae, Vienna and I went to Gordon Biersch in Palo Alto for a little pre-birthday celebration.

On the 15th, Wendy and I had dinner with Hitomi and her father at a sushi restaurant called Aida in Tokyo, Japan. Hitomi and her friend Tomoko surprised me by getting a delicious strawberry birthday cake that we ended up sharing with all of the clients of the little restaurant.

my birthday dinner at gordon biersch, palo alto

wendy, hitomi, and hitomi's father, tokyo

Thanks again for another wonderful birthday week. :)