Nash family visit

newton and darwin nash, mutant giant beagles
On December 9, I drove down to Sunnyvale to visit Adam and Carolyn, who recently gave birth to a new baby boy (see a pattern? there have been 4 new babies from good friends in just the last 2 months!). I thought I'd end up with lots of pictures of baby Joseph, but for some reason I came home with none. Instead, I took photos of Jacob, whose new favorite thing to do is to escape out of the doggy door when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking.

Thankfully, Newton and Darwin (mutant beagles) aren't as hyper as they used to be. I like them better when they're mellow.

An unexpected treat was the aural bliss of Adam's old G4 tower as it "moo'd" repetitively (MOOOOO!) while trying to ingest a couple gigabytes of Jacob images from my camera. Oh, how it tried. [see photos]