Why I use(d) a PC

I am enjoying my Macs, but I still feel like they're always just a *bit* behind me. For example, here's a video of me processing images on my Thinkpad. I was in a hotel in Orlando and had to get hundreds of images online for the Wetpixel DEMA report.

Now... I can't imagine doing that on a Mac, even though it may be possible once I'm 100% familiar with the tools. On the Mac, I have to be more creative about how I process images, and tend to cut corners in order to get stuff done quickly. There is usually some way to do most of what I want it to do -- and after I am done with the work, I still feel all warm and fuzzy from the Mac feel-good factor. But if I want to do everything, I start running into problems and extreme frustration, usually resulting in incessant online bitching.

And sometimes, I just want things to open and close quickly without fancy animation. I'm facing too many SPODs in what I do these days to make Mac life totally enjoyable.