Mac fanboys rejoice: the Apple iPhone

His Steveness just announced the Apple iPhone at the MacWorld keynote speech today (Engadget has a good highlights page)! Mac fanboys are going to go nuts about this thing because it runs OS X, as a touch-screen interface, orientation sensor, proximity sensor, yadda yadda yadda. I have to admit that it looks pretty sexy, but I'm sticking with my Blackberry. My mobile device has to do e-mail effectively, and a touchscreen device isn't going to cut it when composing an e-mail to someone.

Now, if you took away the phone capabilities of the device and added a few dozen GB of storage, that device would be fantastic. I use an iPod video to stay entertained while traveling (music, tv shows, movies, slideshows for the person sitting next to me...), and one with a big screen like that would be fantastic for multimedia goodness!

I've updated this with a couple funny clips: one from the Colbert Report, and one from Conan.

From the Colbert Report