San Diego visit, Jan 2007

antarctic mutants: dale stokes, peter brueggeman, and isopods
I had a nice visit to San Diego over the weekend for some meetings, and to see my Dad and sister. After geeking out with John Ellerbrock at Gates Housings, I spent Friday night over at filmmakers Michele and Howard Hall's place, where Michele cooked up a delicious dinner and we chatted about All Things Underwater until late in the evening. I also helped them with their horrible spam problem by setting up a contact form similar to the one I use on my page. Technical support in exchange for dinner? I think it was a good trade!

On Saturday, I had lunch with my childhood friend Felix Fan, his wife Amany, and composer Joseph Waters, with whom I am working on a long-term collaboration involving music and underwater imagery. It's an interesting thing, meeting up with friends from 20 years ago. We're all doing such different things now, pursuing crafts that would never even have made the list of possibilities back then.

peter and amany fan with joseph waters

I stayed in La Jolla for the afternoon and met up with oceanographer Dale Stokes and Scripps library director Peter Brueggeman. Exacerbating my apparent allergy to my parents' house in San Diego, Dale lives with a dog and Peter was covered in cat hair, and as a result, I immediately developed a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. I have to figure out how to beat my terrible reaction to San Diego.

a crowd gathers to watch fur seals in la jolla, ca [see more]

It was a beautiful day, but we ended up walking down to Scripps library and hanging out in the frigid archives (librarians know how to party), where Peter showed me fish books from 500 years ago, complete with plates printed from carved wood and quotes from Greek scientists. Books that were a bit more recent (300 years ago?) featured hand-painted plates and intricate, pressed, plant specimens. On my way out, Peter offered me a library party favor: a stack of magazines from 1953.

Wendy arrived on Sunday morning, and we spent the day with our dad wandering around sunny La Jolla. Sunny winters in San Diego are always a little freaky now that I've been away for so long. I've also been watching The O.C., and much of San Diego reminds me of the show.

wendy in la jolla, in winter

Finally, I saw Steve and Hiro Drogin for a few hours on Monday before boarding a plane for San Francisco. It was quite a social few days! [see all photos from San Diego]