Tehama Loft, SF

Room is currently being used as a recording studio. As some of you know, I'm planning on a move back to San Francisco. I went to see the most interesting place in SOMA today. It doesn't have windows to the outside world, but it somehow works within the context of the space.

The loft is currently being used as a recording studio and living space. I think that if I knock down the angled wall in the center of the space, it would give me enough room in the working area while still allowing some privacy in the enclosed sleeping area. You can see the location here (it's the brick building to the right of the marked location) or in Google Earth, if you have it installed.

Also, Chester has an interesting article about SOMA on his website, and you can see the building in the 2nd photo. It's the brick building behind the metal-clad one.


1. Only 4 units to the building.

2. Direct entry from garage.

3. Huge! 1800 sq. ft. Good price.

4. Very interesting, unusual space.

5. Working recording studio with isolated sound room.

6. 2 blocks from the Metreon. Close to Market, BART, everything...


1. No washer/dryer. With my crazy schedule, I think that it would be OK if I used a laundry service instead of trying to get a unit installed. It would even be cost-effective because I'm not around that much.

2. Tiny kitchen. It has a stovetop, but no full-size fridge. I probably only host 4-5 dinners at my place each year (where people come over to cook), so this is probably fine.

3. Commercial bathroom. Needs to be redone, I think.

4. No windows. I thought this would be a big issue, but it's actually not that big of a deal when you are in the unit. Feels ok...

5. Brick building. Will it hold up in a big earthquake? It's been "seismically reinforced," whatever that means. I'm trying to find out more.

Verrrryy iiinnteresting... :)