Amaryllis Explosion

Before going off to Cartahena for a performance a couple of weeks ago, Geoff and Livia sent me home with a planted amaryllis bulb that they had been nurturing for a little while. Within days, the thing exploded into five red blooms. I know nearly nothing about flowers, but I am very impressed with how much energy an amaryllis bulb must store in order to grow so quickly into something so large. You give it a little water, and it goes nuts. Best bachelor plant ever!

As has been the tradition for the past few years, Tony picked me up from the airport last night for a bite to eat at a greasy diner before depositing me at Al's place, where I'll be staying for the next four days. I was utterly unable to sleep last night, possibly because I slept for four hours on the plane in the afternoon. My sleep schedule is completely screwed up.

Unfortunately, I seem to have arrived in New York just in time for a cold spell. The wind howled all night, and after laying in bed for hours, it's finally light outside. Even up here on the 37th floor, sunrise in Manhattan always seems to greet you with the sound of sirens.