SLSQ @ Movado Hour 2007

Geoff comes out to say hi seconds before the lights dim
On Monday night I went to the Baryshnikov Arts Center to see the St. Lawrence String Quartet play in the Movado Hour salon series. Contrary to what the website lists, the quartet did not play Shostakovich 8 nor Schumann 1. They ended up playing a Haydn String Quartet (one I had never heard), Shostakovich 7, and Schumann Op. 41 No. 2 in F Major (the one no one ever plays).

During the Schumann, I kept thinking, DAMN. *That* is how you're supposed to express yourself to someone you have feelings for. That Clara was a lucky woman.

Lorri Elder, Jen Shyu, Pat Suh, and Beverly Yang came with me to the show. I guess my male friends in New York don't like this sort of thing. :)

Actually, I think I need to take a less heavy-handed approach to trying to get my friends to come to shows like this. On the one hand, I'd love for those that I care about to experience something as special as this, but it takes so much effort that it might not be worth it. Maybe they just don't care enough to put in the effort to go -- and that's totally fine. In the future, I'll probably just send out an e-mail with information and leave it up to individuals to book themselves.

Claire Bryant, Lorri Elder, Todd Palmer, Jen Shyu, and Pat Suh [all photos]

Cellist Claire Bryant, clarinetist Todd Palmer, Cindy Kahng, and Peter Hahn were there as well, and as a group, we took over two tables as soon as the doors opened (it's often a pseudo-stampede as people try to get in).

The quartet hung out and schmoozed for awhile after the show, so we barely made it to Otto for our 9:30 reservation. Mandy and Victor joined us for a feast of antipasti and pizza.

Me, Geoff Nuttall, Pete Hahn, and Mikhail Baryshnikov (photo: Pat Suh) [all photos]

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