Gone to West Papua

Hey friends. I'm off to West Papua, to a region called "FakFak" (yes, it is pronounced the way you think it might be) for the next three weeks. I'm currently on the plane for a layover in Hong Kong. After a few hours in Singapore, a night in Bali, and a short, regional flight, I'll board a boat for 15 days of exploration before another 3 days of travel back to California. Yippee! Sit on a couch and watch some movies for me while I'm away. It's funny how you crave what you don't have, eh? :)

Hmm. The guy next to me is picking his nose and flicking his booger bounty into my space. Lame.

UPDATE: the flight will be even worse. Tomorrow, I fly Denpasar to Makassar, then to Ambon. Spent the night there, and then on to Kaimana. I don't even know where kaimana is!!