Bangkok airport sucks

Bangkok airport is cold and commercial. It reminds me of casinos in Vegas in that they shunt you through long shopping areas to try to entice you to spend money. And there are no chairs anywhere except in places where you have to buy food/drinks. I hate this place. Tony Wu just left here yesterday, and he feels the same way. I did, however, find a way to get free internet access. Connecting to the airport access point "aotwifi" (the only one I can see right now) and using Firefox or Safari on Mac OS X fails -- the access point default page doesn't allow any actions other than a login (it appears to be broken). But for some reason, running a web browser in Windows XP in Parallels bypasses those screens. So here I am, online. :)

I had a fruit plate at Mango Tree just past the gates at D, and it was really good. I want to come to Thailand for a food-fest one of these days.