Mac anti-aliasing problem, a.k.a I am not crazy

For a long time now, I've been confused about the way Firefox on Mac OS X anti-aliases text on my journal page. While I was in Denver last week, Alex convinced me (half-heartedly -- I don't think he cared :) that it was probably just a pixel-density issue, but I have just proven that I am NOT crazy. I took screenshots of my journal page in Firefox on my Mac Pro and on my Macbook Pro.

So the question is... WHAT THE HELL? Same page. Same browser. Different resolution. Different rendering.

I figured it out. It has to do with the font smoothing style in the Appearance system prefs pane in Mac OS X. In "Automatic" mode, the Mac Pro at 2560x1600 has decided to use "Standard - best for CRT," while my Macbook Pro has chosen "Strong," which is pretty clearly not the best setting for my journal font. I prefer "Standard" on both displays.