BBC's Planet Earth, U.S. version

BBC's Planet Earth is finally being broadcast in High Definition on the Discovery Channel here in the United States. While hanging out at Joe and Rachel's place tonight, I happened to catch the end of one of the episodes and saw cameraman Paul Stewart being interviewed for his piece on birds of paradise. I saw and befriended Paul out in the field in PNG a couple of years ago, and it was cool to see his work featured so prominently in the show. Unfortunately, the U.S. broadcast version of Planet Earth has been re-dubbed with narration by Sigourney Weaver, which I found to be... rather uninspired. I much preferred the U.K. version, which featured David Attenborough; he clearly has passion about wildlife, which he manages to convey convincingly in his narration of Planet Earth's episodes. Weaver's narration almost put me to sleep.

Anyway. Check out the show. It's worth watching... [dvd @ amazon] [blu-ray] [hd dvd]