Friend screening process

Roughly paraphrased from a conversation a few weeks ago:

Livia, my friend, to friend of Cute Stanford girl: Hey, remember Eric? He was sort of interested in your friend...

Friend of Cute Stanford Girl: Oh really? She sort of liked him as well.

Livia: Wait, doesn't she have a boyfriend?

FoCSG: Yeah, but... um. Is [Eric] rich?

Livia (surprised): On second thought, I don't think Eric would like [your friend].

I'm glad my friends screen for me. In quite a contrasting style, Dave Patchen just sent me a text message:

We may bring K's friend. [She] just moved from NYC, and is a nymphomaniac with a fetish for diving, cello-playing photographers.

Much better, even though he really only sent the message to me to crack himself up. :)