Vienna Teng Green Caravan Tour, Day 3

(Cross-country drive with Vienna Teng) It's 2:35AM, and Vienna is sitting behind the wheel driving the final hour to North Platte, Nebraska. With Thelonious on my lap (he makes a great heat shield -- this computer gets hot!), I am attempting to upload day 3's movie (30MB) while we cruise at 70MPH. Because most of the highways in Wyoming were closed due to a snow storm, we were forced to take a southern detour and ended up in Denver for a late dinner with Eric Miller and Alex King. We ate at a wanna-be fancy restaurant called Rioja, where they scoffed at Eric's request for a glass of house red and gave Vienna and me attitude for trying to help the water guy by moving our glasses. Our server came by and asked, "is everything wonderful?" We didn't answer (everything was not wonderful). Later on in the evening, she asked, "is everything still wonderful?" I had to try really hard not to burst out laughing. What a stupid question!

The company was certainly the highlight of the evening; we reluctantly parted ways a couple hours later and resumed our drive to Nebraska.

Departure from Logan, Utah: 10:00AM Arrival in Denver, Colorado: 9:45PM Arrival in North Platte, Nebraska: 4:10AM

Day 3's video: