85 Bay Area burrito joints compared

Bill Addison over at SFGate spent 10 weeks checking out 85 Bay Area taquerias. I've been to many of the places he mentions in the article and agree that burritos here are quite good. The article focuses on brick 'n mortar establishments, which unfortunately precluded taco trucks from the comparison. I love a good taco truck taco; each time, before I wolf down my first one, there is only that brief flash of worry over the lack of running water in the truck before I forget all about it. Last night, Dave Patchen, Ilya Levtov and I ended up at Tia Margarita up on Clement, which was (as Dave described it) "like a Mexican restaurant in the Mission, but twice the cost." Oh well. The food was good. :)

When I was living in SF proper, I went to Taqueria Cancun at least once a week (the one at 29th and Mission, usually), but now that I'm in Oakland, I've lost my burrito routine.

Whoah. Nash just posted about burritos as well. What are the chances that we'd both post about burritos on the same day?