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Smugmug uploader for Mac OS leaks memory

In general, I am a big fan of SmugMug, a great photo sharing service. I use it to distribute photos and prints of events because I can set passwords, control pricing, and allow original file downloads. Having said that, its standalone Mac OS X uploader leaks incredible amounts of memory. After I uploaded 45 high-resolution files, the app was hogging nearly 2GB of real memory (!). And after uploading 70-80 images, it quits unexpectedly.

A search on SmugMug's forums reveals that this has been a known problem for quite some time. Uploader version 2.10 was released in late October of 2006, which means that the developers at SmugMug have had 6 months to fix the problem.

1.97 GB of real memory used? Seems reasonable.

As usual, Macs aren't a priority.

Now, I'm trying SmugBrowser, a Firefox and Flock extension. Here's what happened: the first 5 files I uploaded show "Failed" as the status, which isn't a good sign. Then, Firefox crashed. I re-opened, and dragged 1.2GB of files into an album in the plug-in window, and it started uploading -- maybe 20 files or so, in parallel. Then, Firefox crashed. I uninstalled SmugBrowser.

I'm going to use web-based universal uploader from now on.