Hilary and Jeremy's Wedding, Bahamas

hanging out at taino beach, bahamas
Before last weekend, I had never been to a destination wedding. On Saturday, Hilary and Jeremy were wed on a beach on Grand Bahama. I love weddings that do not require shoes!

stanford buds: dan (+ilana), me, victor, elliot, mandy, and jenny

The extended weekend was a mini-reunion of sorts. These were the folks I lived with during my junior year of college in Durand (634 Mayfield), and it was novel to get to hang out at the pool and beach with a such close group of friends. Although I spend a lot of my time on remote islands, I am usually on boats or underwater, and I almost never get to relax and enjoy the scenery.

bride and groom: jeremy and hilary

Wedding Photos: [selected, at flickr] [all, requires password]