G.G. visits from Sydney

Erin Vitus, Amanda Knox, G.G. @ Stanford
In 1998 and 1999, I spent an inordinate amount of time with Mandy and her roommates at a little apartment just off of Stanford Campus. Yesterday was a pseudo-reunion of sorts, sparked by G.G. visit from Sydney. 20 of G.G.'s friends met for dinner at Celia's in Palo Alto, which was both strange and fun because I had not seen many of them in nearly 9 years.

Earlier in the evening, Mandy, Erin, G.G. and I went to a design show on Stanford campus, where Mandy photographed the two girls wearing her jewelry. We all went over to Salar's place after dinner to hang out in the hot tub (and have a few shots of tequila :). [photos @ flickr]

Also, I got to see an electric sports car from Tesla Motors, in person. I often hear about the designer who was driving it around, but I don't know him personally. GG and Erin both got to ride around in it, which made me jealous.