Coda, by Panic Software

I love software by the Panic folks. 10 minutes ago, I downloaded the trial version of Coda. 2 minutes ago, I registered it. I use Dreamweaver when I need rudimentary WYSIWYG HTML tools that are integrated with FTP and sFTP. I use 1% of the product's feature set, and it's a dog, on the Mac. (I don't have CS3 yet -- maybe that's why).

Coda seems like the perfect tool for quick, code-based HTML edits, with remote access to the server. The Clips feature will make it easy to insert commonly-used code, and built-in, searchable reference books rock.

It does not seem to have site-wide search, which is something I use, probably more frequently than I should. That's something that I hope they add, in the future.

BBEdit and TextMate (my text editor of choice) can both probably do the same thing, with enough configuration, but it is going to take me a long time learn those apps, and Coda just works, out of the box! Highly recommended.