Ribbit Dumlpings at Mission 261

Two weddings ago, I had half a day to hang out with my sister in Los Angeles. She took me to a great vegetarian dim sum place in the San Gabriel Valley called Mission 261, where we (the two of us, and Daphne Wang) ate ribbit dumlpings [sic] and other delicacies.

vegetarian ribbit dumlpings (rabbit dumplings)

We also had lunch at a great little place in the corner of a strip mall with Sarah Kemble, whose presence in the Bay Area I miss. I forgot what the restaurant was called, but the food and ambiance were both great! Sarah is at this very moment asleep on my couch (she's up here for a birthday gathering).

i love engrish

And speaking of sleep, I need some -- very badly. [bunch o' photos @ flickr]