Making Alex King's Popularity Contest cache-compatible

Hey, guys. I'd love to help to "encourage" Alex King to update his Popularity Contest plug-in for Wordpress to be WP-Cache2/APC compatible. When I was out in Denver last month, Alex said he had plans to do it, and that he had already given some serious thought to how it would be architected. To help encourage the re-write, I'm going to donate money to Alex in the name of making Popularity Contest cache-compatible. If enough people donate, it may help to put the project at the top of his every-growing list of things to do.

So if you use Popularity Contest, please donate now! Even a few bucks will help. Use the Paypal comment field to specify that you'd love a cache-compatible version of the Popularity Contest plugin.

*UPDATE 5/18/07* For the time being, I've installed WP-Cache2 and Mike's modification of Alex's plugin. I haven't ventured into APC land, but I may, soon. :)