Livia/Jiyeh @ Stanford

Tonight, Livia performed the world premiere of Jonathan Berger's new piece, "Jiyeh", at Stanford University with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. Livia was awesome, and piece is really great, but the SSO sounded the worst I've ever heard it. Livia was a finely cut diamond shining over a pool of mud (or maybe oil, in the vocabulary of Jiyeh). Maybe like a "TAH-KA-TAH-KA-TAH-KA" playing over a "WHAH-WHAH-WHAH-WHAH". And the "WHAH" is lost, and is only using the upper third of the bow. Or something like that. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but there are definitely good players at Stanford. It's just that none of them are in the orchestra. There is definitely a reason for their lack of participation, and it's obvious what it is. I wish Stanford would just fix the problem.

Despite the SSO's poor performance, I enjoyed the show. The piece is great, and Livia kicked ass. We all went out to Peninsula Creamery after the show and had yuppie diner food and milkshakes. Yummm.

I was called "Mr. Sohn" yesterday at Safeway while carrying Jack and walking around. We don't even try to correct people anymore.