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Exhibit Engine is ruining my website

For a brief period of time, I used Exhibit Engine 1.5RC4 (a patched version). My EE database probably only has a few hundred images in it, but I have had to leave it online because the galleries of several trip reports live inside of it. Over the past few weeks, someone has been crawling my EE galleries really aggressively, and mod_evasive either isn't configured correctly, or isn't catching the dozens of simultaneous connections the crawler is opening. Anyway, whenever it happens, it takes down all MySQL-based areas on my website (the journal, the flush forum, the guestbook, and the gallery itself), requiring a manual restart of the server.

Chris is going to make an attempt to upgrade EE to 2.02 (which finally came out late last year after YEARS of neglect), and if it doesn't help, I'll scrap the fucker.