Hanging out in Maumere, Indonesia

Dave Patchen on the deck of the Kararu Voyager
Before we left for this trip, Dave's girlfriend, Kim, asked him whether she should check my website for updates on our whereabouts during the next couple of weeks. Kim: the answer is ... yes! :)

I have a GPRS connection on my Blackberry Pearl here in Maumere, and am connected using the Pearl as a Bluetooth modem. This absolutely rocks. As a bonus, I'm sharing my connection to Dave via Ethernet (wired, because I couldn't get his Dell to connect to my Mac via wireless).

The reason we're online at 11:32pm is that we were driven out of our cabin by the horrible, septic smell coming from the shower drain in our cabin. The boat crew are working on it now.

Our group of 13 passengers flew from Bali to Maumere today and checked in a total of about 26 bags (Merpati Airlines). Unfortunately, the only bags that were actually put on the airplane belong to me, Dave, and Norb (fortunate for the three of us); the rest of the group is currently without luggage. We hope that it will all arrive tomorrow, which would result in the loss of only a single day of diving.