Notables from Maumere

Dead goat being cleaned in the ocean. Head ripped off and green intestines dumped out of body. Elderly woman washing her privates on the beach. Makes us sad. (Bali)

Pedal tone from water maker on boat. Fun with interference!

Dozens of locals lined up on the pier, staring at us. We are like 2-3 feet away, and they just stare.

Kids jumping off of the deck, having a great time.

Losing Dave on a dive before his part of the dive even started.

Tiny leaks in my housing (both port and extension ring. sucks!).


I know most of the people on this charter. Awesome.

Posting photo of a cool-looking dragonet for the Wetpixel community to help identify.

Maumere harbor: lionfish heaven, crocodilefish, scorpionfish, stonefish, inimicus, puffers ("fugu central," dave says), huge shrimp gobies, hundreds (if not thousands) of razorfish, lots of trash, locals on pier trying to fish us with hooks.

Losing 80% of our luggage on the first day, causing a 24 hour delay in our trip.

Room smells like shit for awhile. Crew fixes it, quickly.

Graham comes through with amazing save for wussy Dave; Dewi brings hooded vest and AA batteries to airport for him.

Dave threatens to kick Eric in head.

Dave teaches little Eric (the other Eric on this trip) sarcasm.

Time to sleep...