Komodo National Park

Aside from a few crippling camera issues, I have been enjoying my time out here in Indonesia. I'm up on the top deck of the Kararu Voyager with the night-shift crew members, who are all on the phone with their respective families. I can't imagine having a family and working on a live-aboard boat. It must be very difficult. We had an amazing dive at Crystal Rock today in Komodo. The reef here is as lush as any reef I have ever seen, and because my still camera is/was out of commission, I shot video. The current was absolutely ripping, and above the colorful reef were thousands of anthias being tossed around like Skittles in a wind storm.

So the short version of my underwater camera saga is that my housing fell off of the camera table after being misplaced by a crew member. My fisheye lens broke off the camera body from the force of the impact, my dome port hood shattered, the dome wiggles when attached, and the housing required 30 minutes of adjustments before all the controls worked again. The camera body itself seems to work, but I've had a broken shutter mechanism from impact damage in the past, and there may be something I haven't noticed yet. Also, my macro port is leaking. This aspect of the trip has not been so fun, and it has been impossible to be productive, so far. I have only a few days at home between now and August, so I am going to have to figure out insurance and hear replacement from all the way out here. Luckily, I have data access in Komodo (which boggles the mind!).

Write me email and tell me a story! :)

Written on Blackberry, from Komodo, Indonesia.