Hairy Octopus in Satonda, Indonesia

Hairy octopus. Less than 1 inch long, and apparently, extremely rare! Satonda, Indonesia.
While at a sandy dive site at Satonda, Indonesia, boat manager and dive guide Kerri found a small, hairy octopus, which was no more than 2cm long.

Last night, Stephen Wong, Takako Uno, Paul Ng, Lena Goh, and two local photographers (Adam and Bonnie) came to visit Dave and me at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Hong Kong (we all crammed into our room, ordered room service, and drank beer until after 3am). I happened to mention that we saw a hairy octopus during our time in Indonesia, and Stephen, Takako, Adam, and Bonnie basically started to freak out.

"The small, purple one?!" they asked, excitedly.

I knew that these little guys were rare, but I didn't know they were that rare. Stephen even implied that he thought it might be the most rare octopus around (at least, in his experience). Does anyone know if these octopi have been described? Online sources seem to imply that they have not (although, I am currently on a really slow connection, and it is hard to do thorough research).

UPDATE: There's a photo of us online. :)