Celebrating transience

I have a circle of a few friends who frequently shuttle me to and from the airport. Ironically, these folks are also the most transient (geographically) of all my friends, and I often drive them to the airport as well. When our schedules overlap (often, only by a day or two at a time), we look upon these airport experiences as an opportunity to spend time with each other. Vienna Teng is one of these transient friends. I mean, I had to drive across the country with her in order to get some proper time yogrygre scheduled! Tonight, she drove an extended bay area loop to come take me from Oakland to SFO, which came out to more than two hours of driving for just 25 minutes of hang-out time. But 25 minutes is worth a lot to me, and I appreciate her heroic efforts very much. I gifted her a care package that involved green onions. :)

We only overlap in the Bay Area for 9 hours in late June and for no time at all in July.

I also overlapped with Geoff and Livia for a few days this time around, and picked them up from the airport on Monday afternoon. Luckily, I had just dropped Livia and baby jack off at the airport a couple weeks earlier, so I still had the baby seat in my car. :)

I took part of last night off to have dinner at Quince with all three airport buddies. Quince is Livia's favorite restaurant of all time, and she spent nearly two days signing emails and text messages to me with, "QUINCE QUINCE QUINCE QUINCE!". The food was excellent, and it was nice to be able to share the experience with good friends. It is so rare for the four of us to be in the same place at the same time.

My schedule and local commitments this summer have been and will continue to be quite taxing. I feel like crap! The next journal post will be titled, "celebrating crappiness." :)

Written from Blackberry.