Multitasking sucks

I just found myself doing the following things simultaneously:

  • Installing Final Cut Studio 2 (thanks, Victor, for the discount!) on Macbook Pro. At 9 disks, this takes more time that you might think it would.
  • Installing Final Cut Studio 2 on desktop machine
  • Finding and processing an image for a print order
  • Doing pipelined loads of laundry
  • Ordering 1TB drives to replace my 500GB ones (I'm out of space, AGAIN!)
  • Grouping lighting into zones for a remodel job
  • Coordinating meetings with Mary Lynn Price and Howard & Michele Hall in San Diego
  • Eating lunch (Quizno sub)
  • Coordinating pickup of color calibration hardware for Wendy
  • Packing up for 4pm departure to airport
  • Shaking my leg uncontrollably
  • Answering e-mails
  • Twittering (always)
  • Posting this message

I am out of control, and need someone to calm me down!!