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Photo catch-up

I was only at home in Oakland for TWO DAYS in July, which really sucked. Luckily, I'll be in town for a full 11 days in August -- better, but still not enough. And when I'm home, I cram in all of my errands and work with as many social events as I have the energy for.

Bill, Miki, Dave, Kim, and Rachel

Here are some photos from the last month and a half, including a dinner with Dave Patchen & Bill Rivard, dinner with Gabe and Sonja, brunch with Peter, Karine, and baby Ella, a visit by Tammy Loh, and a late-night dinner with Vienna Teng, and a one-day overlap with Geoff and Livia. See all the images at Flickr, or continue reading for selected images.

Gabe and Sonja at Pizzaiolo

Peter and baby Ella

Tammy Loh visits my loft

Vienna Teng at Koryo

Geoff, Livia and Vienna. We overlapped for 24 hours.

Vienna and me