VMWare Fusion crashes upon opening virtual machines

I hate computers. I am evaluating VMWare Fusion, and was very happy with its performance until the application suddenly crashed while shutting down a virtual machine running Windows XP. I had just finished installing a new VM running Windows XP (fully updated) with just the few apps that I need: Office, Quickbooks, BreezeBrowser, and ProShow Gold. Now, when I launch Fusion and try to open any virtual machine -- even ones that open properly on other machines -- Fusion immediately crashes right after the VM window appears. I can't run any virtual machines now.

I tried uninstalling VMWare Fusion using the uninstaller that comes with the download, and then reinstalling. I even deleted every file with "vmware" in it because Fusion left a license file and some plist files intact after the uninstall script ran. It didn't work. I am pissed.

Has anyone else come across this problem? I'm using version Version 1.0 (51348) on a Macbook Pro with 3GB RAM.

Did I mention that I hate computers? I guess I'm sticking with Parallels for the time being... unless VMWare fixes the problem.

*UPDATE* On a whim, I disabled the "Enable Mac Keyboard shortcuts" option, and it started right up! We'll see if it stays working. I really want to use this product.