San Diego fire update

fire status as of 2:04am
The fire is pretty close to my parents' house now. Since both of them are out of the country, there was no one to grab files, photo albums, and other valuables during evacuation.

The evacuation order is incredible. "All areas east of Crest Road" means that pretty much everyone has to evacuate, since Crest road is just up the hill from the beach! San Diego has never seen anything like this.

The SanDiegoSignOn map seems to have been updated more recently. You can see how much the fire has spread since last night:

first status as of 9:15am

I heard Gov. Schwarzenegger on the radio saying that we needed to wait for rain and for the wind to stop. I suppose there is nothing to do but wait -- and hope that the 1,000 fire trucks that have swarmed into the area can do something to stop it!

Also, my mother sent out a link to a list of homes that have been destroyed so far. I'm not sure how often they update the list.

*UPDATE* Map from 11:03am: