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Ilya's Halloween Party

me, livia, and ilya. i have a sword (photo: geoff nuttall)
Dressed in a somewhat unimaginative costume, I ventured out tonight to Ilya's Halloween party south of Market in San Francisco. I wore the kung fu uniform I bought for Emile's wedding and strapped a broadsword to my belt.

I gotta say... there's something satisfying about putting your hand on the hilt of a sword strapped to your waist. I like the feeling.

at parties, people always mill around in the kitchen

Anyway, because I was on the road nearly non-stop between February and mid-October, it was strange to be in a social gathering full of folks I didn't know. But it was a lot of fun to meet a few new people, and to get out for a bit. Geoff and Livia arrived as well, which is rare these days because of Baby Jack.

the projector was showing kill bill 2

Ilya's place is really cool, and he's got an enormous print of mine up on his wall (a bright orange anemonefish in a green anemone, taken in Indonesia).

I like Halloween a lot because women tend to dress up as a naughty [thing], where [thing] could be pretty much anything. No one really cares because there is a lot of skin showing.

ilya, our host

Geoff, Livia and I left just as the party was starting to pick up. Unfortunately, I've been stressed out with too much work lately, and it's affecting my ability to stay out late.

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