On Stardust

I went to see Stardust with Mandy and Elliot tonight, and it's become one of my favorite movies. I love the modern fairytale genre, which Stardust represented brilliantly. It spoke to the romantic in me, albeit through the bars of the cage that I keep all that stuff captive within these days. I kept thinking, "*I* want someone who glows when she is around me!" And with all of my friends getting engaged and married, being alone is all the more apparent with each passing day. My Mom nags me gently -- but constantly -- about my single status, which doesn't help.

I keep telling myself that I am not out there actively finding my true love (if such a thing exists) because of my busy schedule. I know that my schedule has a lot to do with it -- I mean, how is it possible for me to establish new relationships when I am not in one place for more than a week at once? But I know that the schedule isn't all to blame.

Still, I have to have hope. There is nothing I'd like more than to meet someone who makes everything else fade into the background.