Video of the Chimbu @ Mt. Hagen Festival

This is quite random. I was watching the behind the scenes video of Paul Steward's experience in Tari (Papua New Guinea), capturing video footage of birds of paradise for BBC's Planet Earth. I met and befriended him while we were both there. Anyway, in the footage, they show Huli men dancing, which reminded me that I have a bunch of (crappy) video from Mt. Hagen and Tari taken with my old point & shoot camera (mostly shot to capture an audio track).

So here's one of the videos. It's footage of the Chimbu's dead child "dance", which they performed continuously at the Mt. Hagen Cultural Festival.

In honor of Halloween, here's a photo of the Chimbu. They dress up pretty good.

the chimbu, behind the performance area at mt. hagen

If you want to see more photos from the Mt. Hagen Cultural Festival, they are in my PNG travel journal from 2005.